Hydrotherapy - Underwater Treadmill

With the use of an underwater treadmill we utilize the benefits of buoyancy and resistance that water provides to reduce the impact force on injured or damaged joints and muscles. This enables pets with stiff, injured or painful joints to lengthen their stride and increase the benefits of exercise while minimizing pain.

Walking in an underwater treadmill puts far less stress on a pet's joints than normal land walking. This makes it ideal for older dogs that suffer from arthritis and associated muscle atrophy who need to rebuild muscle mass. It’s also a great cardiovascular exercise for any dog or cat, due to the varying speeds and water depths that can be used.  This means we can specifically design each hydrotherapy treatment to your pet's unique needs. The underwater treadmill will continue to challenge your pet as he or she regains strength, endurance and agility.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

• Stronger, flexible & fully developed muscles, tendons & joints
• Increased endurance, strength, balance and coordination
• post surgical treatment
• Improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems
• Safe, comfortable exercise during bad weather
• Endorphin release
• Cross-training, sports & competition enhancement
• Improved & extended quality of life