The Balanced Paw

The Balanced Paw

Proper fitness is critical to long term good health.  But did you you know that fitness is just as important for mental health?  A strong dog with balance and body awareness is also less prone to injury.

Let us offer your dogs the opportunity to release that excess energy and get into shape! 

Each session provides access to our HydroPhysio Underwater Treadmill, Fit Paws Equipment, and trained staff able to offer instruction for a variety of balance and core strengthening exercises.

Fit Paws Master Trainer

This program includes:

  • Six 45 minutes sessions focused on proper exercise and
    physical and mental stimulation.
  • The First session includes a Fitness and Skills evaluation
    by our FitPaws Master Trainer
  • Informative seminars on topics related to canine Fitness.


Kim Stouffer, RVT, MT, CCFT

Please consult your Veterinarian before starting any type of exercise program. A release for exercise from your primary care Veterinarian is required for a dog with any prior medical issues.